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Tetrachroma 9

Tetrachroma 9 refreshes the expressive potential of home, delving into the transformational collaboration at the center of the studio’s latest project, featured in an exclusive new home tour for Architectural Digest.

Tetrachroma 8

Tetrachroma 8 exalts in the vibrancy of San Francisco—the eclectic, curious, rebellious instinct intrinsic to the aesthetic and the very ethos of Chroma. Discover our love letter to the Bay Area as we look ahead to another transformative year.

Tetrachroma 7

Tetrachroma 7 taps into one client’s perspective, unearthing the personal discoveries and expressive possibilities at the core of his Chroma experience. See our collective imaginings take root as we evolve the Heartwood at the vibrant center of San Francisco culture.

Tetrachroma 6

Tetrachroma 6 dwells in the domestic imaginary, delving into curative artistic practices and the spatial experiences that cultivate them.

Tetrachroma 5

Tetrachroma 5 slinks into the surreal mystique of Chroma’s Apollonia Dining Room at San Francisco Decorator Showcase 2023, contemplating the seductive energy of art and delving into the design imaginary of the studio’s latest collaborators.

Tetrachroma 4

Tetrachroma 4 heads east to the streets of New York and a blissful retreat in the Smoky Mountains—a special collab with Atlanta-based Summerour Architects.

Alexis and Leann stand in Chroma's Dogpatch studio. As featured in *Be Our Guest*, produced by *Architectural Digest* with Maker’s Mark.
Chroma partners Leann Conquer and Alexis Tompkins in our Dogpatch studio, as featured in Be Our Guest, produced by Architectural Digest with Maker’s Mark®

Tetrachroma 3

Tetrachroma 3 digs into the core of Chroma with a tender excavation of creative exchange. Experience the powerful aura of partnership, cast your gaze on our far-out chalet, and connect with our visionary collaborators at Marmol Radziner.

Reflective seating in The Lounge at the San Francisco Art Book Fair, designed by Chroma. Photo by Jenna Garrett.
The Lounge at the San Francisco Art Book Fair, designed by Chroma. Photo by Jenna Garrett.

Tetrachroma 2

Tetrachroma 2 takes you behind the scenes of the San Francisco Art Book Fair. Glean conceptual insights on Chroma’s Lounge design, and meet fair co-founders and friends.

Ryan McGinley, *Napanoch*, 2020
Ryan McGinley, Napanoch, 2020

Tetrachroma 1

Say hello to Tetrachroma, Chroma’s new quarterly journal. Three stories, four times a year, infinite creative exploration. Get fresh, unfiltered perspectives on the design industry and beyond. Go behind the scenes of our latest work in progress. And get to know our amazing collaborators.