The Sundown Lounge
The Sundown Lounge

Imagine a room...

Imagine a room with such a subtly strong sense of place that it allows you to escape reality. Its heartfelt combination of historical and new furniture prompts the feeling that you have just stepped outside of time. It has rich textures and nuanced colors, which encourage mindfulness of the pleasures in life. Its lighting both soothes, easing stress and tension, and enlivens, waking up the imagination. Those who enter are invited to play, divert, entertain. It’s a game-room, a cocktail-lounge, a space for reading, listening to music and talking the night away.

The Sundown Lounge is Chroma’s debut at the 2020 San Francisco Decorator Showcase, and each carefully curated piece is available to purchase. To shop the showcase, please visit the link below or email

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