"Chroma" refers to the purity and intensity of a color. It’s an apt name for an interior design firm that creates beautiful spaces for meaningful lives. We believe in the power of design to create positive atmospheres that enable you to be who you want to be.


Leann Conquer

Managing Partner

Alexis Tompkins

Creative Partner


Alexis Tompkins and Leann Conquer are the yin and yang of Chroma. Together they offer a holistic interior design service that starts with conceptualizing the look and feel of your home and ends with sourcing the linen napkins for your house warming party.

Tompkins is Chroma’s Creative Partner. In the 1890s, her great grandmother moved every piece of her stone manor house from Cleveland to the banks of the Rogue River in Oregon. It’s still a family abode. Tompkin’s appreciation of the romance and responsibilities of home has deep roots. She is fascinated by the architectural intimacy and “humanity” of houses. An open-minded listener driven by curiosity, she relishes customization because she’s inspired by other people’s tastes and personalities. Since completing her degrees in art and art history over a decade ago, she has studied thousands of sofas, enhancing her design connoisseurship. She has also further developed her cognitive strengths – an exceptional visual memory, a sensitive eye for color (including the nuances of neutrals), and an aptitude for crafting serene complexity out of chaos.

Conquer is Chroma’s Managing Partner. The daughter of a mechanical engineer with a career in quality assurance, Conquer has a talent for choreographing efficient renovations and newly built interiors. She enjoys liaising with home-owners, architects, contractors and artisans, developing methodical processes that start with intelligent forecasting and end with impeccable execution. She loves capturing the data relevant to helping you meet your timeline and budget goals. Indeed, when it comes to clients, Conquer aspires to answer your questions before you’ve even thought of them, so you can relax and trust the process. Conquer studied interior design and serves as an important sounding board for Tompkins’ ideas, making sure that Chroma’s work aims high and achieves the extraordinary.

With Tompkins’ flexible creativity and Conquer’s rigorous management, Chroma aims to create sophisticated living spaces, which deepen your positive experience of home.


Interior Design / Custom Furniture Design / Custom Lighting Design / Project Management / Styling