CHROMA frees you from the gray days.


"CHROMA" refers to the purity and intensity of a color. It’s a good name for an interior design firm, which aims to create living spaces that improve your experience of home. We believe in the power of design to create positive atmospheres that support you in being who you want to be.


Leann Conquer

Operations Director

Alexis Tompkins

Creative Director


When founders Alexis Tompkins and Leann Conquer joined forces, their goal was to create a studio that not only delivers inventive and bold residential designs but also provides a customer experience that thrills clients, leaving them feeling confident and inspired.

As Creative Director, Alexis drives CHROMA’s artistic, adventurous spirit. Bringing deep industry expertise and an innate passion for contemporary culture, fashion, art, film and music, she leads with an open and collaborative mind, enabling clients to realize and amplify their style.

Leann is CHROMA’s Operations Director; the driving force behind its impeccable execution. Leann’s experience leading projects and building internal processes at top design firms has given her an eye for efficiency and innovation. A meticulous facilitator, she consistently leads CHROMA’s team, vendors and projects to success.

With this combination of artistry and execution, CHROMA speaks to a new generation of clients who want to enjoy both the journey and the outcome of the design.


Interior Design / Custom Furniture Design / Custom Lighting Design / Project Management / Styling