Design is a journey. We approach it with this spirit.


When Alexis and Leann joined forces, their goal was to create a studio that put the client experience at the heart of everything. Chroma’s approach is as much about designing beautiful homes as it is about building trusting relationships with homeowners. Home speaks first to the heart, which is why our process is grounded in getting to know who we’re working with. We guide our clients down unique paths of design discovery – adventurous, playful, studied, and always leading to home.

As Creative Director, Alexis sets the tone for Chroma’s vibrantly artistic spirit and contagious passion. Raised in a family of artists and curators, she earned BFAs in Art History and Studio Art before working as an art consultant, curator and designer. She holds space for team members and clients alike to hone their sense of style, leading with an unwavering vision and an open mind.

Leann is Chroma’s Operations Director, the driving force behind its impeccable execution and tenacious efficiency. After earning a BFA in Interior Design, Leann led projects and built internal processes at top design firms in New York and San Francisco. A fearless risk taker and sharp innovator, she directs Chroma’s team and projects to success.


Interior Design / Interior Architecture / Custom Furniture Design / Custom Lighting Design / Project Management / Styling / Art Consultation

Whitney Tarnas

Morgan Burrows

Naomi Suen

Sasha Bailyn

Whitney Tarnas

Morgan Burrows

Naomi Suen

Sasha Bailyn


At Chroma, we say yes to “out there,” keeping timeless sophistication front of mind. Our bold designs are informed by art, fashion, history and contemporary culture. The journey to home is individual to each client, grounded in our pedigreed process and led with empathy, passion and authenticity.


It’s contagious.

Design isn’t a job, it’s a lifestyle that we feel lucky to choose. With each new home we help create, we fall in love with design in a new way.


We keep it real.

We have an infectious sense of self. With each design decision we make, we bring our clients closer to what home means for them.


A home is a safe haven and an expression of self.

Getting to know who we work with is as important to our process as the design itself. We listen well and learn often, using our expertise to discover what’s important to our clients.